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Support of educators

Teaching is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in the world ~ it's the one profession whose role is to bring about all other professions.

If you are a teacher, thank you for all that you do. Our aim is to support, engage with and celebrate your pedagogical work. To this end we are on our own journey to learn from teaching colleagues: We want CodeGrades to complement and amplify your teaching.

Our first steps on this path together involve: Reading our documentation ~ it reveals what CodeGrades offers, Inviting you to make your voice heard ~ we relish and respect your feedback, Recognising you as educational coordinators ~ with tools to organise cohorts of candidates for grading, Helping you develop your coding skills ~ please contact us to take our grades yourself, for free, Encouraging you to put forward your own students for grading.

Wondering where to start?

If you haven't done so already sign up then, why not engage with our syllabus?

Feel free to get in touch and tell us how you're doing, we want to listen and help so CodeGrades works for you.