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The journey to experience

The computer is simply an instrument whose music is ideas.
Music is not inside the piano. ~ Alan Kay, pioneer of object oriented programming (OOP) and the graphical user interface (GUI).

To express yourself through code, learn the core concepts, practice the techniques, cultivate your knowledge.

These steps are necessary, but not enough!

Programming is an invitation... to express something of value, make a change in the world, collaborate with others.

It takes imagination, empathy and courage ~ resources you already possess. Nourish those parts of yourself, be still and listen ~ make time and space for ideas to emerge.

If you're unsure where to start:

Inspire us and tell a story through your project. Imagine yourself in another's shoes and make them a gift in code. Combine unusual things into something greater than the sum of its parts. Make something silly. Make something serious. Make something thoughtful. Reimagine what we take for granted with fresh eyes. Find that itch you always wanted to scratch. Create an expression of your true self.

If it makes you smile, enthused or passionate, it's probably a good idea.
If you're doing what you imagine others expect, it's probably a bad idea.

A thoughtful candidate.

First steps always feel uncertain. So, build with what you've got: Start small. Start simple. Then refine. This will kindle creativity's precious spark.

Except... sometimes creativity is snuffed out. The time or place isn't right, resources are not available, it's hard to express, or simply can't be done.

Disappointments are natural and expected.
Welcome them. Learn, reflect and grow.

Developing skills and knowledge isn't a problem to solve, but a journey to experience.

Move with the ebb and flow of the project and the journey will unfold naturally.
Stop, control or force the project and the journey will be frustration and pain.

Experienced and thoughtful mentors will support you.
Open your mind to their wisdom, suggestions and ideas.
We're here to celebrate your successes and help reflect upon your failures.

Remember, grading isn't the prize... it's just a temporary destination on your journey.

Focus, step up and let intuition guide you.

(You've got this!)

Best of luck!