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Two people, being together.

On being together

CodeGrades welcomes everyone, irrespective of their backgrounds.

It means we are a diverse and inclusive community, where freedom of expression is encouraged and celebrated.

Therefore, you will meet people on CodeGrades who are different to yourself.

This is an expression of what you can expect from us and what we hope from you as we find ourselves "being together" on CodeGrades:

When being together, especially if things go wrong,
we acknowledge and work through differences.
In so doing, we transform and enlarge each other.

To nurture our mutual growth,

this is a place of learning, understanding, and sharing; this is a place to affirm tolerance and compassion; this is a place for collaborative creativity.
All the aspects of yourself you choose to bring to this place
are welcome here.

Reciprocate! Welcome, embrace and learn from others
(even in the face of apparent hostility or misunderstanding).

Thoughtful, careful and courteous contributions are a gift,
and never knowingly diminish, dehumanize, harm or harass others.

To act against this spirit invites ostracism,
a loss that diminishes us all.

Thank you.

We promise always to seriously and constructively engage with all parties should problems arise. Reach out to us, in confidence. Our focus is context, care and compassion, in a spirit of understanding, hope and tolerance, in order to foster a safe, enjoyable and enriching space for mutual growth.

However, we reserve the right to exclude participants, solely at our discretion, for bad faith actions and activities that intentionally diminish, dehumanize, harm or harass people.

If required, we will involve any necessary official authorities to deal with potentially illegal activity.

In all other cases, we take a three step approach when problems arise:

  1. We will respectfully engage with everyone involved and listen very carefully. If required, we will address problematic behaviour and ask people to modify their actions. We expect everyone involved to act with care, compassion and in good faith.
  2. If problematic behaviour continues, we will contact those involved and explain that any further activity of this kind will result in them being blocked and banned from CodeGrades.
  3. Despite our warning, if those persons show no sign of changing their problematic behaviour, we will be true to our word and ban, block or report them to the necessary authorities. Henceforth, no further CodeGrades related interaction will take place with those persons.

This is a work in progress and we welcome constructive feedback given in good faith.