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A mentor helping a learner.

Project intervention

Asking what sort of education and learning our community supports is how we decide what sort of community we become.

For it is through education and learning that we engage with our future colleagues, friends and supporters.
~ Nicholas H.Tollervey, CodeGrades founder

The first step in assessing a candidate's project is for a mentor to create an intervention. An intervention takes the form of a comment posted by the mentor to the candidate's project page.

The purpose of an intervention is to create an opportunity for the mentor to probe more deeply into the knowledge, skill and level of accomplishment of the candidate. The mentor should use the candidate's response to the intervention to inform the selected levels of attainment in their assessment.

Appropriate types of intervention include (but are not limited to):

There are, of course, many ways in which an intervention could take place. We trust you, the mentor, to use your judgement and experience to decide which intervention[s] will reveal the candidate's full potential.

It is important for mentors to remain supportive and helpful ~ while not revealing how to make any necessary changes to code or the wider project.

Most importantly, please guide the ensuing conversation in the intervention so the candidate demonstrates their fullest skill, knowledge and level of accomplishment without prompting them with ready solutions.

If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the CodeGrades admin team, who'll be pleased to help.